January 11, 2006
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Who We Are

Capt. Alan Wentworth and Capt. Ed Hughes have over 30 years combined experience working on Narragansett Bay. Capt. Alan has run the Rhode Island Sea Tow franchise for over 15 years, has run local marinas, and is an Able Body Seaman for the US Navy, taking him from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf. Capt. Ed has been a local charter fisherman for over 18 years, has been working with the Recreational Fishing Alliance, and was an ILA Longshoreman Marine clerk. He has fished all over the world from Midway Island to Panama.

Both Captains have been looking at the debris that has littered the shores of Narragansett Bay for many years, and they came together to do something about it. It no longer matters who is responsible for the debris or where it came from. It has been littering the shoreline for generations. It's time to join together and just CLEAN THE BAY!