July 20, 2007
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The Mission

It is Clean The Bay's mission to improve the safety and and attractiveness of Narragansett Bay and the Rhode Island shoreline by:

  • Removing debris and camels from the shoreline and the navigable waterways of Narragansett Bay (click here to learn more about camels)

  • Establish a response program to remove dangerous debris

  • Respond to any debris calls from the US Coast Guard or local Harbormasters

  • Ensure the approval of the appropriate state, city, or town government for all shoreline projects

  • Purchase or lease the appropriate equipment to perform these tasks. Watercraft and equipment will be operated by qualified, licensed personnel, and volunteers will be trained for any and all positions before being allowed to perform any task.

  • Finance our programs with grants, donations, and fundraisers organized by our volunteers

  • Appoint a Board of Directors to run Clean The Bay

  • Incorporate Clean the Bay as a not-for-profit organization

The plan is simple: to bring people together who have the same concerns and begin the clean up, one shoreline at a time.

Our cleanup program not only includes shoreline debris, but old pilings that have been left rotting in Narragansett Bay. We have put together a plan to respond to calls from the Coast Guard to remove dangerous floating debris that is a hazard to navigation, and an emergency plan to respond to debris left by a tropical storms or other acts of nature. For a list of the cleanup locations we've identified click here.

We are going to need your help! Either by a financial contribution, or some hands on, hard work. We can no longer expect anyone else to do it. We have waited long enough. It's time to take action and simply do it ourselves!

View the list of cleanup locations, and learn how you can help!