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Feb 23, 2013

June 1, 2007

This week has been full of crazy obstacles. We are working the shoreline at Johnson and Wales. This shoreline is a barrier of old broken up cement roads 15 ft high that were dumped there in the 50's. We're bringing the barge in and filling a container in about an hour. Once that's loaded we have a container above the cement debris which we have to load by hand. It's like mountain climbing while carrying 100lb. logs. We wanted to be finished before the end of this week, but we figure we have about 2 or 3 day's left. We want to thank the volunteers who worked this project on Tuesday.  It has been the most demanding project to date.

Monday we're taking apart and old 60' x60' barge to the right of Providence Pier. Dr. Connelly has donated a excavator and operator to dismantle it. Huge help! Thank you! Then we're back to J&W to finish up. I especially want to thank the Clean The Bay crew, Rocky, Dave, and Matt.  They put in one tough week! -Captain Ed Hughes

2007 cleanup season is underway

We have started our 2007 season! The target areas for this year in order to be cleaned are Providence, Cranston and East Providence. Once we have completed these areas we will finish Phase One by cleaning Portsmouth.

Our LCM will be docked at the Providence Pier thanks to Dr. Connelly who has allowed us space at his amazing new dock. The city of Providence has really stepped up to the plate helping us with containers and transportation to the landfill. Dominion Energy has also allowed the use of their ramp so we can flip-flop our containers.

Last season the city of Warwick was there for us with anything we needed. Dave [Rocky] Schock is back with us for his second season. Without him Clean the Bay would be dead in the water. He is the backbone of the clean up operation for us. He's already got the whip out! Thanks to cities and groups like these who help us to get more miles cleaned. I don't know where we'd be today without them!

Anyone who would like to see the operation should come down the Connelly Pier. We begin around 8 am. Monday thru Saturday weather permitting. Spend the day, take a ride on the LCM and help us get Narragansett bay CLEANED UP!  -Captain Ed Hughes